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Khajura, R L (1977) Studies on the Incidence Extent of Damage and Contol of Blister Beetles, Mylabris Spp. (Coleoptera : Meloidae Attacking Soybean, Glycine Max (L) Merrill. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Solan. (Submitted)

Durga, Kaith S (1977) Further Studies on Stalk Rot of Cauliflower Caused by Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum (Lib.) De Bary. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Solan. (Submitted)

Hans Raj, Hans Raj (1977) Genetic Evaluation and Correlation Studies for Some Quantitative and Qualitative Characters in Okra [Abelmoschus Esculentus (L.) Moench]. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Solan. (Submitted)

Nayital, Ramesh K (1977) Studies on the Mineral Composition of Apple Leaves as Influenced by Rootstock, Scion Cultivar and Crop Load. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Solan. (Submitted)

Negi, Yashwant Singh (1977) A Study of Some Economic Aspects of Farming in Paonta Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Masters dissertation, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. (Submitted)

Gopal Dass, Gopal Dass (1977) Study of Forms of Potassium and their Uptake by Wheat in Acid Soils of Kangra. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

Dogra, Desh Raj (1977) Relative Performance of Triticales on Different Dates of Sowing Under Mid-Hill Conditions. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

Sefvi, Syed Jalalud-din (1977) Study of Combining Ability, Heterosis, Reciprocal Cross Effects and Genotype-Environment Interaction for Some, Important Agronomic Characters in Maize, (Zea mays L.). Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

Acharya, Suresh (1977) Phenotypic Stability in Forage Cowpea (Vigna unguiculate (L.) Walp. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

Mehta, Anil Kumar (1977) A Study of Phenotypic Stability in Maize (Zea mays L.). Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

Sharma, Sashi Kala (1977) Studies on Comparative Morphology and Cytology in Colchicine-Induced Polyploids in Different Types of Barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.). Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

Sadaria, S G (1977) To Study the Effect of Soil and Foliar Application of Nitrogen on Potato Crop under Mid-Hill Conditions of Palampur. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

Sud, Ravinder Lal (1977) Response of Maize to the Sources of Phosphorus of Varying Water Solubility. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

Sharma, Sudhirendar (1977) The Forms and Status of P and K in Continuously Cropped Alfisol as Influenced by Every Season and Alternate Season Manuring with Potassic and Phosphatic Fertilisers. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

Khodpia, B L (1977) Analysis of Prices of Pulse Crops in India. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

Sharma, Anil Kumar (1977) Studies on Polygenic Variability and Isolation of Phenotypic Mutants Induced by Physical and Chemical Mutagens in Indica and Japonica Varieties of Rice (Oryse sativa L.) in M3 Generation. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

Rangad, Carl Oswald (1977) Comparative Studies on the Cultivation of some Pleurotus Species. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Solan. (Submitted)

Vidya Sagar, Vidya Sagar (1977) Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on some Quantitative and Qualitative Characters in Tomato (Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill.). Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Solan. (Submitted)

Singh, Sarabjeet (1977) Studies on Foliar Diagnosis of Mineral Nutrition in Royal Delicious Apple. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Solan. (Submitted)

Chauhan, Prem Sagar (1977) Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Fruit Colouration, Ripening and Quality of Apple (Malus Domestica Borkh.). Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Solan. (Submitted)

Suman, Balam Chand (1977) Hormonal Appraisal of Resistance in Cauliflower (Brassica Oleracea Var, Botrytis) to Black Rot Caused by Xanthomonas Campestris (Pam.) Dowson. Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Solan. (Submitted)

Kapoor, P C (1977) Returns to Scale for Selected Commercial Field Crops in Himachal Pradesh (Critical Review). Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

Thakur, Daya Ram (1977) Trends in Acreage, Producton, Productivity and Prices of Major Field Crops in Himachal Pradesh (1951-52 to 1973-74). Masters dissertation, HPU Simla. (Submitted)

Sikka, Balraj K (1977) Projections of Demand for Food Crops in India- Critical Review of the Literature with a View to Develop a Frame Work for Fresh Fruits Demand Projections. Masters dissertation, HPU Simla. (Submitted)

Sharma, Liaq Ram (1977) Optimizing crop production patterns arid farm returns on different sizes of farms in a sutlej river valley(a linear programming approach). Masters dissertation, CSKHPKV Palampur. (Submitted)

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